At Clempire Janitorial we pride ourselves is hiring a good team with strong characteristics. Building a good team is at the core of building good business relationships. Any relationship is not taken for granted around here.

Building a Good Team.

A Good Business starts with a hand shake, and backed by a Good Team

Clempire Janitorial is in the relationship building business. We make agreements that are sealed by our honest word and a hand shake. We strive to exceed our customers expectations by communicating and taking action based on our customers desires. Clempire Janitorial instills that process into every team member. It is a part of who we are.

Here is how we have built our good team. That is why we only hire the most observant, listening, and alert people to join our good team. It’s the Clempire difference! Not only do we do background checks (including county, state, and federal), we do multiple interviews just to make sure that someone doesn’t accidentally slip through.

Either right before or right after someone fills out an application they are given a questionnaire with 10 short answer questions. Those questions are to gain insight into the person. These questions delve into the person’s communication style, creativity, and general communication skills. If the person sounds like an interesting person, then we will call them in for the first of 2 or more interviews.

Here at Clempire Janitorial, we take our time hiring, because we believe that our good team is our most valuable asset.

If someone in the Tulsa area wants to start this process check out our careers page to apply or stop by our office to fill out a paper application. Let me warn you. It’s not quick or easy, and you  won’t get on unless you have what it takes. But it’s worth it.