Daytime Cleaning? Inconceivable!

Daytime cleaning can save you money.

Save on utility cost by switching to daytime cleaning.

What about distractions? Will it be chaos? Will the crew be in our way? Will the vacuums be roaring? These are some of the questions that can come up about daytime cleaning.

Our team members are trained to start cleaning in areas that have less traffic such as the break room (after lunch), restrooms, emptying the trash, stocking paper goods, etc. Then after most people have left their offices our team members move into those office areas. This enables our team members to be more efficient with the utilities.

But what about the money? It is true. You can save on many costs, but mainly the utility expenses. If the lights are turned on for an additional 4 or 5  hours over night while the cleaning crew is cleaning the building that cost savings may be more than you would expect. The savings could be up to 30% savings on the utility expenses because our team members are providing daytime cleaning.

Quiet Vacuuming? Unheard of!

You might say, “It’s not the money, I don’t want to talk over a loud, obnoxious vacuum cleaner when my phone rings.” Yet again, our trained team members won’t go into an office where some is busy working.

There have been recent developments in the vacuum industry. We currently have been using a Sanitaire Backpack Vacuum that runs below 69 decibels. That’s only slightly louder than an electric shaver at 67 decibels or a toilet flush at 64 decibels.

These vacuums are great for daytime cleaning because they are very quite. They have the CRI Seal of Approval and are LEED Compliant. They also have an extra allergen filtration that removes a high percentage of dust, dander, and allergens.

After we replaced the old loud ones I spoke with Cindy, a customer who we clean during the day, and she just loves it. Before she would have to stop what she was doing and leave her office while our team member would vacuum her office. She asked how she could get one for her house.

Lastly, one of those reasons that everyone asks the cleaning company if they are insured and bonded in order to cover things like breakage, accidents, and theft. If you switch you cleaning service to daytime cleaning, the chances of something happening are lowered. As for accidents the cleaning crew would be reminded of being careful with other people in the building.

Lower Risk? I’ll take it!

Although, we’d all like to say that everyone in the world is honest as old Abe Lincoln, not everyone is. The chance of theft would also be lower due to more people in the building during business hours. We do our due diligence when hiring our team members. We do background checks and multiple interviews and questionnaires before we hire someone on as a Clempire Team Member.

Some companies have requirements that one of their employees has to be on site anytime a contractor is there just for liability reasons.

Whether switching to daytime cleaning is due to the savings on the bottom line, or to relieve the stress or liability, everyone has to do what is right under their own circumstance. Call us to discuss a strategic cleaning plan is right for you.