Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

“All We Leave Behind is Sparkle and Shine”

Clempire Janitorial offers window cleaning services in Tulsa. Our cleaning team is highly skilled at the art of cleaning glass.

The Best Window Cleaning Fluids

The window cleaning fluid that Clempire Janitorial uses has been researched for more than 30 years in the window cleaning industry and it has been fine tuned to leave a Streak Free Shine.

Dirt, grime, and mineral deposits on windows can slowly diminish the amount of light that the windows let inside. Whether it’s a poorly aimed sprinkler head that leaves calcium deposits, or splashing down spouts that leave water marks, or road construction vehicles stirring up a ton of dust, we can help you. Routine window cleaning can keep your home or business bright.

Have Your Windows Cleaned on YOUR Schedule

We can set up window cleaning services on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis.

Window cleaning can improve your appearance to a customer in your business or a guest in your home. Brilliantly shining glass gives your guests a good first impression of your business or home. They will have the perception that you care about keeping the place clean.

Clean Windows Can Boost Morale and Productivity

Window Cleaning

Streak free shine!

Company morale can sometime suffer in the winter months because of the small amount of sunlight. Keeping the windows clean will keep employees positive and happy.

During our window cleaning process our trained team can remove dirt and grime that builds up over time on the interior and exterior of the window pane. We will gently remove the window screens, carefully clean the glass, and wipe it free of streaks. We will take care of the frames as well.

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We offer interior and exterior services. Call 918-624-2100 today for a free estimate for your home or business and ask for a discount for setting up a recurring service plan.