Cleaning Service

We are the Cleaning Service you need

If you are looking to relieve stress on Monday morning, consider Clempire Janitorial to provide a high quality janitorial service. First, our technicians clean because they love seeing the transformation, in turn, our technicians create a positive environment leaving your facility with a clean fresh atmosphere for you to succeed. We love our cleaners, because they make an impact on the world every time they come to work.

We love people, and as a result, every person and every customer is important to us, furthermore, we work to customize the right maintenance plan to fulfill every need. Also, we provide a high value for a great price, and in turn our customers tell us how satisfied they are.

Cleaning Service in Tulsa

Clempire Janitorial provides cleaning service

We ensure that communication flows properly between the customer and our team members, in order to pass on valuable information as quick and accurate as possible to respond to any requests. Also, we execute regular inspections both during the shift and the next day; as a result, our team performs a quality service every time.

Furthermore, our technicians go through extensive interviewing and background checks, then our managers and quality inspectors train and monitor quality according to the checklist. As we have grown we always hire based on our core values, then we train skill.

Call us today at 918-624-2100 for a quote for one of our quality janitorial service in Tulsa or the surrounding areas. Our motto says that “All We Leave Behind is Sparkle and Shine”, and that’s what we do in every building.

General Cleaning Tasks

We create checklists that are based on your needs, consequently, you get exactly what you want. We analyze your office and listen to your individual needs, then we prepare a quote to ensure your satisfaction with the individualized cleaning service task list.

Cleaning tasks fluctuate depending on your space, number of employees, or type of industry, as a result an onsite visit is required to gain the knowledge to prepare a janitorial service quote. The following tasks listed are the most basic tasks on our checklists, nonetheless, they are not required.

  • Vacuum carpet
  • Sweep & mop floors
  • Empty trash cans
  • Dusting: shelves, desks, & tables
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms

Periodic Cleaning Services

We are a full service commercial janitorial service; therefore, we have specialized technicians working on these periodic cleaning tasks. In addition, some of these task require special machines, training, and years of expertise to operate efficiently.

Please contact us or call us at 918-624-2100 for a free quote for any cleaning service needs, or if needed, call our after hours cell 918-933-2536 (918-933-CLEM).