Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Are you looking for PEACE OF MIND? Clempire Janitorial is a reliable Cleaning Service that can GET YOU BACK TO WORK. We use EPA registered disinfectants, and follow all CDC recommendations and OSHA guidelines to keep our team safe and get your team and your customers back in business. Let’s work together to GET OKLAHOMA BACK TO WORK…SAFELY. Call 918-624-2100 today to set up an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Clempire Janitorial is locally owned and operated. We are staffed up and ready to serve the Tulsa area. We can cover the entire north eastern part of Oklahoma. Let us be a part of the your story to get BACK TO NORMAL.

We use Disinfectant Sprayers and microfiber rags to remove, kill, and reduce the risk of viruses and other potentially harmful micro organisms. CLEANING is removing dirt, grime, and reducing germs. DISINFECTING is killing 99.99% of germs following the chemical manufacturer’s labels for dwell time. Dwell time is the amount of time that the chemical is wet on the surface. Our cleaning technicians are trained to follow the labels to ensure proper application to achieve the best as safest results possible for you and your employees and customers.

We can provide Disinfecting for many types of commercial facilities.

*Manufacturing Facilities



*Retail Locations


*Office Buildings

Office Cleaning

Are you looking for reliability in a commercial cleaning service? Do you need peace of mind that your office will be cleaned properly? We’re locally owned and here to serve you in the way you need. We treat everyone in the way we want to be treated.

Window Cleaning

We can bring the light into your office. Routine window cleaning with our specialty solutions for a streak-free Sparkle and Shine. Our window technicians are trained to keep your office building bright and stay safe while working.

Carpet Cleaning

83% of foreign material can be removed by regular vacuuming, but the remaining amount must be removed by professional carpet cleaning from our trained floor technicians. Routine maintenance is suggested.

Floor Maintenance

A proper maintenance plan can protect your investment and keep your customer’s coming back. Our floor technicians are trained in floor buffing, floor scrubbing, tile and grout cleaning, power washing, or strip and waxing the floor.

Strip and Wax

Scuffs, scratches, yellow floor wax, dingy corners, or just no shine? Wax was designed to take a beating and then be refinished periodically to protect your floors.  Are you ready to make your floors Sparkle and Shine with a strip and wax?

Construction Cleaning

When the orange barrels come out and the dust gets stirred up, we know what to do. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and removing trash to the dumpster is only a part of construction cleaning.