Office Cleaning

Every office has a restroom that needs to be cleaned…regularly. We create a detailed checklist for every customer to ensure that we are providing exactly what each customer needs.

Floor Maintenance

Our highly skilled floor technicians can bring any old floor back to life, whether we are floor buffing, floor scrubbing, tile and grout cleaning, power washing, or strip and waxing the floor.

Window Cleaning

We can bring the light into your office. Routine window cleaning with our specialty solutions by our trained window technicians can keep your home or business bright.

Strip and Wax

Scuffs, scratches, yellow floor wax, dingy corners, or just no shine?  Ready to make your floors pop with a strip and wax in Tulsa.

Carpet Cleaning

83% of foreign material can be removed by regular vacuuming, but the remaining amount must be removed by professional carpet cleaning in Tulsa by our trained floor technicians.

Construction Cleaning

When the orange barrels come out and the dust gets stirred up, we know what to do. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and removing trash to the dumpster is only a part of construction cleaning.